Affordable Small Business SEO Services

It’s true, affordable SEO services for small businesses are not easy to find, at least not at affordable rates. Affordable SEO services for small businesses
But with millions of Internet users searching for information on products and services daily, it just doesn’t make sense to ignore the potential profits that could be made through improved Internet marketing and SEO services.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the foundation that is needed when building your Internet marketing campaign.

Not all search engine optimization companies for small businesses provide you with full, comprehensive Internet marketing, but Eckweb does.

If you are looking for affordable seo services for small business, you will find some that advertise very low prices for organic seo but after 3-6 months, you will find out that you may not be getting anymore visitors than you did before and worse, you may even have penalties against your website because of Black Hat SEO tactics.

So, what’s a small business to do?  How can you get the affordable seo that you need to compete online but at the some time keep your business and make a profit?

That’s where Eckweb comes in.

We specialize in affordable search engine optimization services but we also offer web design, social media marketing, email marketing and more. In other words, we can be your one stop shop for anything you need for an Internet presence.

Building your small business online through SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Basically, you just need to know what different types of systems are available AND what each one can do for you.

We can help you sort through the process so that you can take advantage from all that is available on the Internet.

Affordable SEO Packages For Small Business

We are so very proud of the fact that our search engine optimization services are straight forward (yep, NO BS) and that the pricing of our SEO packages give our small business clients just the right amount of services they need to effectively market their companies.


We are an seo company for small business and we’ve remained focused on that for the last 17 years.

What Do We Consider Low Cost SEO Services?

If you’ve been researching average SEO costs then you know that the range of fees is pretty much all over the place.  Rankpay wrote “…an average hourly SEO costs something between $80 and $130 per hour. Further, the average monthly retainer lies somewhere between $750 and $1500 per month.”

Eckweb’s fees for small business seo packages are $390/month which costs less than $5000/year.  There is a set up fee which varies depending on the amount of work it takes to get the site optimized but on average, the set up fee is less than $2000.00.

You’ve got nothing to lose by requesting a FREE Quote from us!

We’re not the cheapest, you can find cheaper search engine optimization companies but beware that you may not only be throwing your money away with that type of service, you may actually end up hurting your business if they practice “black hat seo“.

How can we keep our prices so low? We ARE a small business ourselves. No frills, no fancy games or marketing tricks. Honest, organic seo services.

We work daily to get your web site as visible as possible to as many Internet users as possible, period.

Not Sure If You Need SEO?

If you’re not sure if you need SEO services for your small business website then consider getting our Website/SEO Audit. It’s a complete checklist that looks at multiple issues such as…

  • Visual Design
  • Accessibility
  • Technical SEO Factors
  • Website Content
  • Social Media

For the low price of $150.00 you will receive a detailed list of the problem(s) we find on your website along with steps on how to resolve each one. It also includes a 1 hour phone consultation to answer any questions and provide any help with the process. This price is for a maximum of 20 website pages.

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

The list of affordable services that we provide small businesses includes…

Customized Internet marketing strategy

Every business is different. This is especially true for small businesses. Your goals and the methods you use to build your business will differ from your competitors and we understand that. We work directly with you in designing the best possible Internet marketing strategy that works for you.

Effective online marketing mix to get your website the highest possible online ranking

Your Internet marketing strategy will depend on multiple factors. The type of business you are operating (ecommerce, service, etc.), where your demographics are online (and how they use the Internet) and also what goals you wish to achieve. We all know there are multiple ways to market online. Content marketing, social media marketing, PPC marketing, etc. We aim to work with you to develop (and experiment) with a variety of these methods to find the best one that suits you and your target audience.

Very affordable rates and superior customer service

We are a “no nonsense” type of company. There’s no sales pitch and no endless number of phone calls and emails trying to persuade you to spending more money. Our rates are affordable and fair. We answer your every email and phone call and work with you as hard as we can to make your online presence (and your business) as successful as possible.

Content strategy to increase online market share

Content marketing is the BEST and CHEAPEST way to market online. But there are specific techniques to make it successful and we work with you to develop an editorial calendar so that you can get the most from your website content. We can also offer you the services of a copywriter if needed.

Full service web design

We are a small business ourselves and we like to work with one person to manage as much as possible – so we understand that you do to. So in addition to Internet marketing services we can help you with purchasing your domain name, hosting your website, graphic design and of course, website design services.

Simplifying the complexities of the Internet and the Google search engine requirements

Our job is to stay on top of the latest news from Google, WordPress and the multitude of other programs that are constantly expanding and changing daily. We work hard to help you to understand the changes and how they affect your website and your business.

Grow your web presence by targeting the right audience

It simply does not make any sense to have 1000 visitors to your website if none of them make a purchase or contact. That’s like having 1000 people walk into your store and just wander around. All you get from that is a dirty floor. We work with you to identify and target the right audience.

Analyze Internet marketing campaigns

We LOVE statistics. After all, how can we possibly create (and continuously recreate) a marketing plan if we don’t understand the stats? We break it down for you so that you can comprehend what your website visitors are doing (and not doing) on your website and we then work with you to improve each facet of the website visitor’s experience.

Scan the Internet market for new and creative marketing tools and ideas

There are new trends every day, in many different industries. Being aware of these new techniques, ideas and tools is one piece of the puzzle. The second part is to be creative in using them in YOUR business. We can do that for you.

New keyword phrases to target, every month

Getting more targeted visitors to your website can be as simple as answering the questions your website audience is asking. Give them the information they are looking for and you will not only get more visitors, but more targeted visitors. We do the research for you!

All of this may seem that it’s more than just SEO but the truth is, we consider it all to be SEO because when it comes to Internet marketing, it’s all intertwined.  To truly run a successful marketing campaign online, you need as many components as you can afford and we’re here to help you with that.

So, don’t wait any longer.  Call us at 678-350-6745 if you have any questions or fill out our contact form.  We would love to help you build your small business.